Do I really need a movie made about my house?

Professional Real Estate Video and Why it Works.

It is no secret that professional photographs help to sell products, the case is no different with the real estate market. A 2014 Study by VHT Studios showed at that time Homes with professional real estate photography sold 32% faster than those that do not. The switch to online real estate has dramatically increased since that time making the importance of professional imagery even more important. 

Photographs show your home, they give people the option of looking at a room and imagining themselves in it. The potential buyer can click through at their leisure and just as easily stop clicking and leave or move onto another property. So how do you captivate them? How can you encourage them to keep looking at your home? Simple, with a video. Video is more than just a series of images displaying your home room by room. A professional videographer and editor will convey emotion, a sense of feeling. Done right a professional video will capture your audience and keep them. People are moving more and more towards video as a means of research and making buying decisions.

According to the white paper by Inter digital  82% of internet usage will be video streaming by 2022.

So why is it important to capture your buyer with emotion - is Real Estate really an emotional purchase? Surprisingly yes it often is. According to a joint survey by the National Association of Realtors and Google 24% of buyers take action on a real estate site the same day they start their research. Couple with that the fact that 78% of new home buyers visit 3 or more sites before taking action. Having a powerful and professional video of your home will help your home stand out. 

The reality is people are shopping for homes online. The same study by google and the NAR showed that 100% of people searched online for a home. ONE HUNDRED PERCENT! You can make your home look as nice as possible but if it is not where people are looking and not in the method they are using to look, it will not be seen, it is that simple.

According to a study by Wyzowl 84% of people say they made a decision to buy a product or service by watching a video. These numbers are increasing year of year showing a solid trend towards video as a means to promote or sell a product or brand - in the case your home.

I am here to help you sell your home in Paris, Brantford and Brant County. I only work with professional photographers, Videographers and Stagers to help your home stand out in this fast paced market.  

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