Should I stay or should I go now?

On the fence about selling your home in Paris, Brantford and Brant County because you are worried about finding a new place to live? All things considered that is very understandable. So why should you move now? 

2020 was to say the least , a notable year. At the onset of the pandemic the housing market was expected to plummet. As we all know now, it did the opposite. Things are not slowing down, in Brantford, Brant County and Paris the number of houses sold in February 2021 is up over 39.61% from the same time last year! The average sale price is up 46.2% from the same time in 2020! Talk about a hot market. I know what you are thinking, “yes well then I have to buy a house at the inflated price.” Yes that is true, you do. 

So again, why does that make sense? Several reasons, here are just a few.

If you have lived in your home for at 2-3 years chances are you will make a significant profit on the sale of your home in Paris, Brantford or Brant County. If you consider that the the hardest houses to buy are the ones in the average selling range because they move so quickly, also consider which houses do not move as quickly. Now is a great time to move up, invest the money you earn on your existing home to purchase a home in a higher price range. Houses in the higher price range do not move as quickly as houses in the average price range. 

Things are improving. Last year a lot of people did not list their homes for sale in Brantford, Paris or Brant County due to uncertainty. Whether it was financial or health concerns, a lot of people wanted to wait it out and see. This year with vaccines rolling out, a lot of those people are expected to take advantage of the sellers market and move forward with listing their houses in more certain times. Again remember the 39.6% increase in home sales in February 2021 from February 2020. 

It makes Money Sense. Money sense has listed Brantford in the top ten places to buy real estate for 3 years running. There is a lot happening in our community and the continued rise in housing prices in larger city centres is pushing even more people our way. With the average house price in places like Kitchener and Waterloo at $900,000 for 2021 ( as per the CBC ) It only makes sense that more and more people will be looking at communities like ours for relatively affordable housing making the Paris, Brantford and Brant County housing market an even better investment.

It is a sellers market. If you are sitting on a house that is difficult to sell or did not sell previously for one reason or another, now might be the perfect time to list. Recently I listed and sold a house that under a different agent, sat on the market for the entire summer of 2018. The house had very few showings and only received one offer significantly under asking. The house was geared towards a specific buyer and was also in a higher price range. The house was eventually taken off the market. Within one month of listing the house at the end of 2020, I sold it for asking with multiple offers. Not only did the sellers get the asking price, they had also raised it significantly from the listing price of 2018. The point is, it was not an easy house to sell. Yes it took the right buyers but it also took the right time. 

Still not sure? Again, I don’t blame you. Rest assured I will always put your best interest first. If you want or need an honest opinion about buying or selling a home in Paris, Brantford or Brant County, I am always happy to help. 

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